Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging

The Middle Alabama Area Agency on Aging will serve as the advocate and focal point for older individuals and persons with disabilities within the communities of Blount, Chilton, St. Clair, Shelby, and Walker.


 M4A's mission is to help older individuals and persons with disabilities access information, assistance, and resources that will empower them to self-advocate, live independently, and enjoy the highest quality of life.

Welcome to the M4A website-built by us for you!
   Our goal as we developed this website was to provide YOU, our consumers, with a reliable and unbiased starting point for information on public and private options for long-term planning. Because M4A's consumers are a diverse group-ranging from Older Alabamians and caregivers to individuals living with disabilities-this website is also diverse in information. As you peruse our site, we ask that you contact us with any questions you may have. The M4A Team is comprised of many caring and highly trained, certified Information and Referral Specialists who can assist you with public benefits, long-term options counseling, and much more.

For example, if you are an adult child exploring long-term care options with your elderly parents, M4A can help. If you are a Medicare beneficiary exploring Part D Plans or a person drawing Social Security Disability but not yet on Medicare, then M4A can help.

As you explore our website, we also ask that you share with us your thoughts on how we may improve our website with information, events, links, articles, and other tools that will further assist you to gain the knowledge and resources you need to be better empowered as a consumer.

Finally, as consumers ourselves, we at M4A understand that navigating the world of public benefits (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans benefits) and private options (long-term care insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, hospice, respite services, etc.,) can be like visiting a foreign country where you don't understand the language. We are here to help you decipher the language and tease through the multitude of choices so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and the ones you love.

Best Regards,

Carolyn G. Fortner
Executive Director